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The Market Is Mixed, How To Distinguish Regular Water-soluble Fertilizer?

Water-soluble fertilizer is a diversified compound fertilizer that can completely dissolve water. It is not only easier to be digested and absorbed by crops, but also has a relatively high digestion and absorption rate. More importantly, it can be fertilized and watered (sprinkler irrigation) The integration goes on smoothly, that is to say, water-saving irrigation, which is often said, reduces the workload and becomes the preferred fertilizer for crops such as vegetables, fruits, potted flowers, and peach trees. At this stage, in the water-soluble fertilizer sales market, counterfeit and inferior products are unavoidable for a while.

When purchasing water-soluble fertilizers, you should pay attention to the following matters:

Look at the moisture content of the macro elements and nutrients on the packaging

According to the specifications of macro-element water-soluble fertilizers, the water content of the singularized nutrients of the three elements of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium cannot be less than 4%, and the sum of the three elements can not be less than 50%. If you see that a certain element in a large number of elements is not enough 4%, or the total number of three elements is less than 50% on the packaging bag, it means that the product is not approved.

Nutrient water content refers to the addition of the water content of copper, iron, manganese, zinc, boron, and molybdenum. The product should include at least this nutrient element, and the single nutrient element with a water content higher than% should be recorded as the nutrient element water content in.

Second, look at the indications of various actual nutrients on the packaging bag

High-quality macro-element water-soluble fertilizers are clearly marked to ensure that the ingredients (including macro-elements and nutrients) are clearly marked, and all are single-labeled, and the water content of nutrients is established.

The nutrient moisture content of irregular manufacturers usually appears in a few percent of the total moisture content of several types of elements. If it is marked like that, the product is not reliable.

Three look at commodity secrets and record crops

Large-element water-soluble fertilizers are the secret formula fertilizers. High-quality water-soluble fertilizers usually have many secret formulas. From emergence to harvest, you can find suitable secret formula applications.

If it is established on the package that it is special fertilizer for certain crops, and two or three secret recipes are used to fight the country, this kind of practice is not reliable. Reliable chemical fertilizer filing crops are certain crops of one or several types. For crops that have not been filed, they must have application work experience across the country.

Four look at whether there are product quality standards, commodity common names and fertilizer registration number

Generally speaking, fully water-soluble fertilizers, in fact, its general product name is a large number of element water-soluble fertilizers. The national standard for generality is NY1107-2010. If the package is not as standard as it is now, it means that it is not fully water-soluble fertilizer. Many fully water-soluble fertilizer packages indicate that they should start with GB, indicating that such products are not acceptable.

Another, it depends on whether it has a fertilizer registration certificate number. If you are suspicious about the product, you can check the fertilizer registration certificate number online. The qualified large-element water-soluble fertilizer, the fertilizer registration certificate number and the manufacturer can be found. If it does not appear, it indicates that the product is not approved.

Check whether the water content of metal cadmium is indicated on the packaging bag

The water content of the metal cadmium positive ion of the large-element water-soluble fertilizer produced by reliable manufacturers is all less than the national industry standard, and there is a significant indication. If the water content of metal cadmium is not marked on the fertilizer packaging bag, please avoid using it.

Six look at the melt

Dissolving chemical fertilizers in water is the most critical way to identify the quality of water-soluble fertilizers. The high-quality fully water-soluble fertilizer melts quickly in water, and the aqueous solution responds without sediment and precipitation.

If the fertilizer cannot be completely dissolved in the water and there is sediment, it indicates that the quality of the fertilizer is not very good.

Seven look at appearance

Cost-effective commercial granular water-soluble fertilizers are well-balanced and crystalline. If you see large or small particles, especially those that are similar to compound fertilizers, try not to buy them.

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